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Amended 8-11-2016


Section 1 – Costs

a) Purchase price and transfer fees

1) The cost of each adult burial space shall be as follows:

a) $300.00 each for village residents

b) $350.00 for the first space/$300.00 for each additional space for non village residents

            2) The cost of each burial space in the Memorial Garden shall be $150 each

3) The cost of each infant or stillbirth burial space shall be $200.00 each.

4) Any transfer of one or more burial spaces from an original purchaser to a qualified assignee shall cost $25.00.


b) Grave opening charges

The opening and closing of any burial space, prior to and following a burial therein, and including the interment of ashes shall be as follows:

                                    MARCH 1ST TO NOVEMBER 30th     DECEMBER 1ST TO FEBRUARY 28TH

            1) Weekdays    burial $450 – Cremation $275             burial $525 – Cremation $350

            2) Saturday      burial $500 – Cremation $425             burial $575 – Cremation $500

            3) Sunday        burial $550 – Cremation $475             burial $625 – Cremation $550

                                                                                                (includes extra winter charge of $75)

                        ($50 of any opening/closing fees will be placed in the Perpetual Care CD)

            4) DPW workers help in moving casket to the grave - $50 per burial

                        (flat rate for one or more workers help)

5) If there are ever two (2) cremation burials on the same plot on the same day the charge would be

1½ normal cremation charge.



The charge for opening a plot of a previous burial for any reason shall be triple (3X) the amount of the current grave opening charge as listed above.            


c)  Payment

The foregoing charges shall be paid to the Village of Nashville and shall be deposited in the cemetery fund.


Section 2 – Headstones / Markers

a) Time line

The village requires that a headstone/marker must be placed on a burial site within 12 months of the burial date.


b)  Placement

A headstone/marker will be placed at the west end of the burial site. Before placement is made the Sextant is to be advised of the size and placement of headstone/marker so that a foundation can be placed on the site.


c) Foundations

Foundations are poured in May and October of each year. All orders placed during other times of the year will be placed on the schedule for the next available time slot.


Section 3 – Flowers on gravesite

Any flowers, ornaments, or decoration of any type that are not attached to the headstone must be removed by October 31st to allow the leaves to be cleaned up in the cemetery. Any items left in the cemetery will be removed when leaves are removed.