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AS REVISED 2-28-08


This policy is to set charges for various uses concerning Village Parks as follows:


It is the policy of the Village of Nashville that when the ball fields in Riverside Park are used for tournaments the charge will be $25 for one field per day and $10 for the second field per day (for same day use).  This charge does not apply to Little League tournaments or tournaments held as a nonprofit fund raiser.


It is the policy of the Village of Nashville that when the electrical box is used by a vendor during an event in Riverside Park, Putnam Park, or Central Park the charge for such use will be $15 per day per vendor. Amount of vendors allowed is limited to 12 - 115 Volt users only – Riverside Park; 1 – 115 volt user only – Putnam Park and Central Park (due to limited amount of boxes available). Allowed vendors include only the following - small food vendor trailers, speaker systems, and other small needs that do not exceed the limited voltage available.


Carnival rides or other large need vendors (220 volt users) ARE NOT ALLOWED!


It is the policy of the Village of Nashville that when the faucet located in Riverside Park is used by a vendor or other special event the charge will be $25 per vendor per day. (Riverside Park only)


It is the policy of the Village of Nashville that an Event Sponsor will pay a deposit of $50 when setting up an event in Riverside Park, Central Park, or Putnam Park. This deposit is to cover any cleanup required by village employees and any damage done to village property during the event.

·        If no cleanup is required or damage done, the village will return the deposit in full to the Event Sponsor after an inspection is completed. (no longer than one month after the event takes place).

·        If there is cleanup required and/or damage done to village property that is directly related to the event, the amount needed to cleanup the property and/or repair damage will be taken out of the deposit paid. Any amount left after cleanup/damage is paid for will be refunded to the Events Sponsor. Any amount due over the deposit paid for cleanup/damage will be billed to the Events Sponsor upon completion of cleanup and/or damage repair and will be due upon receipt.


Insurance certificate must be presented before an event takes place and must include the following:

·        $1,000,000 coverage

·        Name the Village of Nashville as additional insured


Carnival Rides, Fireworks, or alcohol sale/consumption are not allowed on village property.


All events must register/apply for permit with the Village Clerk’s office and be approved by the Village Council before the event is allowed to take place.