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Village of Nashville

Village Meeting Taping Policy

(Audio Tape-Record & Video Tape-Record)

Revised 5-8-14


This policy was adopted by the Village of Nashville to identify the rules and regulations applicable to audio and/or video tape-recording of a Village meeting in a manner consistent with the Open Meetings Act (Act No. 267 of 1976; “OMA”).


The Village affirms that all persons have a right to attend a public meeting of a public body consistent with the OMA and also have the right to record, either in audio or video recording format, to broadcast live on the radio, and to telecast live on the television such public meetings without prior approval from the Village.  However, the Village desires to establish reasonable rules and regulations in order to minimize the possibility of disrupting a meeting or interfering with others’ ability to fully participate in a public meeting.   


The following regulations apply to all persons attempting to make an audio and/or video recording, in any format, of a Village meeting for the purposes stated above: 


  1. All recording must occur outside of the line of sight of the council, board or committee holding the meeting and the audience.

  2. A person attempting to record the public meeting shall not do so in a manner that impedes another persons’ ability to watch, listen and/or participate in the public meeting. 

  3. All videotaping will be unmanned throughout the meeting, and on a stationary stand placed in the back corner of the meeting room. 

  4. All audio taping will be done from the seat of the person doing the taping. 

  5. Recorders are not permitted to be placed on a table near/or directly in front of a council, board or committee member during a meeting.