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I’d hat to live in the city,

With all its problems there.

Where children fight against teachers,

And teachers live in despair.

Where police are not thought of with honor.

And garbage is thrown all around.

The fires were set and all raging,

And fear was felt to abound.

But in a small village it’s different

Students and teachers are friends.

Nashville is home, its people all nice,

Where love, pride and honor all blend.

                             Kathleen Wall 


N is for Nashville that shines so bright

A is for all of the people in sight.

S is for all of our wonderful stores.

H is for hi! That we never ignore.

V is for friendly village.

I is for the Indians, to live here was their privilege.                       

L is for the street lights that sine above.

L is for Thornapple Lake where we have fun. 

                                Nancy Huckendubler


Nashville is a very nice place.

The people are of a wonderful race.

The town has been for one hundred years.

When I think of it, it almost brings tears.

I never want to leave this place.

Because my memories can never be erased.

                                Linda Sherman


Nashville is a cheerful town.

People who live there should not frown.

What about the maple trees?

People who tap them should be pleased.

Don’t forget the Centennial now.

It will start with a great big pow wow.

                           Randy Fowler


For one hundred years this day has waited.

Ever since Nashville as a town was stated.

It had a store where people used money,

To buy clothes and food and maybe even honey.

In those days ev’ry girl wore a long dress,

And families helped their friends when they were in a mess.

On the Centennial as this day is known,

We’ll celebrate the birthday of my home.

                                        Kathy Curtis


It flows along for many a mile,

Flowing along in beautiful style,

Flowing along through many a glen

Joined by a streamlet now and then.

Flowing till it reaches that beautiful lake

By the Thornapple bushes-named for their sake.

Flowing along through the beautiful land,

Flowing along to reach the Grand.

Still it flows on as in the days of yore,

But the Indian rides on the raid no more.

The blackbirds still sing on Thornapple’s shore

Where the Indian roamed in days of yore.

The woods are now so sad and lone,

Where the Indian once could call his home.

The Jacksnipe still, as in days of yore,

Feeds along the rock-bound shore.

You can hear the call of the Whippoorwill

As the moon peeps over the distant hill,

Where the Indian once hi his glee was blessed

Who long ago have gone to rest.

                                         Herbert R. Eaton


N is for Nash after which this town was named.

A is for Ackett’s Store for which this town is famed.

S is for syrup which comes from maple trees.

H is for honey which comes from the bees.

V is for village which Nashville is called.

I is for Indians-who lived here so long.

L is for lots of snow we had one year.

L is for lakes which are not far from here.

E is for elevator that grinds the farmer’s grain.

                                           Dawn Belson


Nashville’s place is peace

Where friendship and neighbors never cease.

Farmers come with crops of corn,

Always happy, never forlorn.

Yes, that’s Nashville, take a look,

All laid out like a story book. 

                            Edward Behrndt


Nashville is the greatest.

Nashville is the best.

Nashville’s a hundred years old.

I think it needs a rest.

With all those stores and industry

It’s busy as can be. 

                           Brenda Shapley


Nashville is a peaceful town

With cheerful people all around.

The decorations are so neat along

The sidewalks and the streets.

Santa Claus comes each year,

Bringing candy and good cheer.

The stores are full of toys inside.

It makes a person swell with pride.

I like to live in this peaceful town

With happy people all around.

                            David Bolton