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Fences constructed in Nashville, MI should be in keeping with the Zoning Ordinance, as enacted in 2012.  Specifically, the following guidelines are to be maintained when a zoning permit for a fence is planned, permit is requested, permit approved and the fence is constructed:


Establish where your lot lines are located.  If your neighbors do not know where there lot lines are located and you do not know where your lot lines are located, then you will probably need to have a survey performed or, in some appropriate manner, locate the corners of your lot.  Some village lots will have a steel rod at the corners of the lot.  Some lots will not have such points marked because owners have removed them in the past.


You must submit to the Zoning Administrator a drawing of your lot which shows where the property lines are located.  The drawing must indicate where your buildings and other major topographical features are located in relation to the property lines. You must indicate on the drawing of your lot where you want to place a fence.  You must also indicate the type of fence to be constructed. (article 23.03c)


1.  A fence in the front yard of a residential or nonresidential property is only allowed on lots that have a side lot line adjacent to an alley or a street. On these lots a thirty-six (36) inches high or lower decorative or ornamental fence is allowed. A fence made out of chain link or solid type construction is not allowed in any front yard. (article 23.03a) (A decorative or ornamental fence shall not be intended to enclose or be capable of enclosing animals or human beings - article 23.03b) 


2. Fences on nonresidential properties are not permitted in a front or side yard when the fence is within twenty (20) feet of the front property line or in front of the building. (article 23.03d)


3. Fences located in the rear or side yard of a property cannot exceed eight (8) feet in height. (article 23.03) Rear or side yard fences on a nonresidential property that abuts a residentially zoned area must be of a solid type material such as brick, block, poured concrete or other approved material as determined by the Zoning Administrator. (article 23.03e)


4.  All fences must be constructed on your property.  The fence (or any other structure) shall not be placed on your neighbor’s property.  (A fence or structure placed on your neighbor’s property becomes their fence or structure.)


5.  A fence should be so constructed that the “good” or best side faces out and away from your lot.  Example: Chain link fences should be hung on the outside of the fence posts or privacy fences should be hung with the posts and framing members on the side of the fence facing the property owner placing the fence. (article 23.03 f)


6.  A fence constructed on village right-of-way may be removed at any time with no compensation to the property owner.  The same should be considered for any fence or structure placed on your neighbor’s property.


7. Parcels over twenty (20) acres are excluded from these regulations. (article 23.03g)