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This policy applies to those departments considering grant opportunities for new or renewing programs that are not a continual funding source for the department.




1 Grant. The award of resources from a public or private source for developing, enhancing, or continuing a program, service, or facility.


2 Matching Funds. The amount of money or in-kind services required by the grantor.


Communication Process.


Departments heads will be the grant opportunity contact person. The village council will notify the department head of grant opportunities. Department heads are to notify the village council of grant opportunities for dissemination to other applicable/eligible departments.


Initial Assessment.


Departments are to assess grant opportunities for compatibility with its mission and values, and administration feasibility, program logistics, implementation capabilities, cost versus benefits, and ability to comply with the grant’s requirements. Departments are to consult with the village council to determine the source and availability of required matching funds. Departments are to notify the village council if it is not going to pursue a grant opportunity, and to provide the determining criteria.


Grant Application Review and Approval Process.


Village council’s approval is required to submit a grant application only under the following circumstances. All other applications may be submitted without outside review or approval.


a. The grantor requires the governing body’s authorization and/or the signature of a Village official.


b. Matching funds are required (unless the funding source was previously approved by the council).


c. Electronic applications that include a contractual agreement. The contract must be reviewed and approved as to form by the finance committee prior to placement on the council’s agenda.



1 Retroactive Board Approval. A department may submit an application without the

required prior council approval in order to meet an application deadline only if: 1) special, unavoidable circumstances prevented the department from making a timely request to the council; and 2) the departments committee reviewed the proposal and noted that it will recommend application approval to the council; and 3) any required concurrent contract has been approved by council as to form. Departments are required to seek retroactive council approval at its next regularly scheduled meeting. If the council does not approve application submission, the department will withdraw its application.


2 Electronic Applications. The village clerk is responsible for submitting electronic applications. Departments will be required to timely provide the necessary data.


3 Notification of Results. Departments are to notify the village council of an application’s results, whether or not the grant was funded.


Grant Contract/Agreement Process.


Grant contracts and agreements require review and approval by village council.


Grant Administration.


The village council is responsible for administering the grant within the terms of the grant agreement but the department heads, village clerk and the village treasurer oversee the day to day administration of any grant and advise the council when needed.


1 Change in Project or Agreement Amendments. The department committee must review any change in the grant project and/or an amendment to the agreement prior to the department seeking council approval.


2 Implementation Difficulties. The department head and/or village clerk must notify the village council if there is difficulty implementing the grant program or in meeting the terms of the grant agreement.


3 Grant reimbursement request.


a. The Department head is responsible for reviewing the accuracy of grant reimbursement requests before they are turned into the village clerk for payment.


b. The village clerk is responsible for processing any grant reimbursement requests.


c. All payments must be approved by the village council before they can be made.


4 Audit Requirements. Most grant agreements require periodic and/or final audit reviews for agreement compliance. The village clerk is responsible for maintaining the necessary data to comply with required audits. The village clerk will be responsible for keeping a file on all grants and participate in audit reviews as necessary.


The department must maintain a file within the village clerk’s office of the following:


a. Grant application

b. Grant contract/agreement

c. Budget estimate and actual costs incurred (grant and County match)

d. Periodic progress reports if required by the grantor

e. Revenue and expense documentation

f. Copy of program assessments and audits.