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Section 1 - This policy is to set deposits and payments for the water – sewer billing of the Village of Nashville as follows:


It is the policy of the Village of Nashville that if a landlord asks to have the water bill placed into a renter’s name the landlord must properly notify the village office in accordance with state law that a tenant/lessee is responsible for water service charges at a specific address before the renter moves in (including providing a copy of the lease with such wording included and provide the renters valid mailing address). Each new renter will be required to pay the deposit amount of $200 and the turn on fee before the water can be turned on for said address. The village will send out bills to the renter directly and a copy of said bill will also be sent to the landlord.


Steps to follow if a landlord request the water – sewer bill be placed in the renter’s names

·        Any bill due from the owner must be paid in full before being placed in the renters name

·        The deposit of $200  must be paid by the renter and any turn-on fee that may apply

·        The village must receive a copy of the lease that states the renter is responsible for the water bill payment

·        The village must have the renters current mailing address if different from the physical address

·        When a renter leaves the premises which had been placed in their name, the water will be turned off and remain off until it is placed in a new renter’s name unless the owner request that it be left on. The bill will then be the responsibility of the owner until a new renter moves in.  If the owner requests the water to be turned back on after it was turned off when a renter left, the owner will be responsible for the turn on fee.

·        When a renter leaves the premises for which they have paid a deposit for the water-sewer bill the village will return any remaining amount of the deposit that is left after all bills that are due from said renter are paid in full including any turn-off fee that may apply. If the last payment is made by check, there will be a thirty (30) day waiting period after the last payment is made before any deposit amount due to the renter will be returned, to allow for all payments to clear the bank. If payments are paid in cash, the deposit amount will be returned within one week. 

Section 2 - It is the policy of the Village of Nashville that the payments on delinquent water – sewer bills will be as follows:


All past due amounts must be paid by thirty (30) days after the due date (10th of month billed) or the water to the premises will be TURNED OFF.


*an exception to the above payment schedule will be made in extreme cases only and will be left up to the discretion of the Village Clerk as to what payments will be allowed and the time frame allowed to complete the payments of delinquent bills.