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Village of Nashville



       (revised 11/10/2016)




The purchasing of supplies, new or used equipment or the purchasing of services by all departments of the Village of Nashville shall follow the following procedures:


  1. For supplies, equipment or services, if the purchase is $1,500 or less, the department supervisor or head may make the purchase; the standing committee for the DPW or Police department may approve a purchase up to $2,000.  (DPW & Police are the only committees that are granted powers to purchase up to $2,000) For purchases over $1,500 by all other departments the request must be brought to the Village council for approval.  Any DPW & Police purchase over $2,000 must be brought to the Village council for approval, (it is RECOMMENDED but not REQUIRED that bids be taken on any purchase over $2,000).


  1. For equipment purchases, the department supervisor or department head shall draw up a list of specifications for each purchase.


  1. The Village reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids it receives on the purchase of new or used equipment or services needed.


  1. Despite cost factors, all department heads may make purchase/s in case of an emergency without council approval – BUT must contact their committee chairperson as soon as possible.


  1. Commitments being entered into by any department or committee of the Village of Nashville requiring the signing of a lease, rental agreement exceeding 30 days, or involves paying interest or time payments, must be approved by the Village council prior to entering into the agreement. Subparagraph (B) above, dealing with monetary purchase limits by department heads or committee, does not apply to any agreement involving rentals exceeding 30 days or payments with interest. All transactions concerning titled vehicles or equipment must be approved by the Village council prior to entering into an agreement.


  1. The Council, at its discretion, shall decide the manner of letting bids for the purchase of new or used equipment or services by the Village of Nashville. The letting of bids can either be by publishing the bid; or by contacting the individual dealers for that equipment or services.


  1. All purchases must be paid by one of the following:


    1.  A village check written by the Village Treasurer. The treasurer must receive the invoice before a check can be written.

b.      Or the village PayPal account for online purchases only.  Only the Clerk and Treasurer will have access to the PayPal account information. The Department heads can ask the Clerk or Treasurer to purchase items for them online using the PayPal account only when they are unable to purchase the item another way. (Purchase order, Invoice to Village, On account)

c.       The Village of Nashville does not have a credit or debit card available for employees use.


  1. The purchase of all promotional material using village funds must be requested through a department committee and approved by the Village Council.




  1. The Council shall decide the procedure to use when the Village plans to sell equipment.


  1. All money from the sale of Village equipment, in all departments, shall be given to the Village Treasurer and then deposited in the appropriate Village account(s). At no time will a transaction of barter / trade take place with village equipment except when trade-in value is included in a purchase of a new piece of equipment.


Note: All purchases of a municipality that requires time payments with interest cannot exceed

1 1/4 % of the total SEV of the municipality.